Artist Spotlight: "Chromfell with U-Render"

0.4 seconds render time per frame? Is this even possible? Indeed! The Austrian VFX student “Chromfell” showed off a render engine called "U-Render" which indeed is capable of real-time rendering.



Post written by Dario Linke

Artist Spotlight: "Floating to Aspen- by TheDizzyViper"

This art piece was created by TheDizzyViper who uploads stunning renders every day. For this render, he used Cinema 4D and OctaneRender. In his Instagram Story he teased an upcoming animated loop based on this Render. TheDizzyViper is a CGI Artist based in Italy although speaks German as native language.


Post written by Dario Linke

Artist Spotlight: "METERS - by Raphael Rau"

METERS” is a digital art piece created by Raphael Rau. In his post he wrote that this piece of amazing artwork was created in his spare time with Cinema 4D and Octane. Raphael posted three follow-up-projects named “METERS 2, 3 and 4" which are based on “METERS”. Raphael Rau, also known as "silverwingvfx", is an artist specializing in photorealistic physically based computer generated imagery based in Ludwigsburg, Germany.

Raphael Rau aka silverwingvfx:

Post written by Dario Linke