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Welcome to the new MDC Contest in partnership with Mographmemes

This contest is pretty simple.

Create a funny design or mograph inspired meme.
This can be a reimagining of a classic meme, or any original piece that brings humor to the struggles of motion design.
Make us laugh and make us say wow that is great design.

You have to produce an CG image or a 5 seconds minimum animation in HD (1920*1080) and post it on Instagram with the #MDC_MOGRAPHMEMES (You can also post it on another media like Vimeo or Youtube for higher quality but to validate your entry you need to post it on Instagram first.)
If you have an HD version please mention it on your post and/or send a DM to MotionDesigners

The contest ends on July 8

Now it's up to your imagination.

Mhsprod & Mographmemes will select the finalists.
Community will choose the winners via a vote!! So you have to be REALLY funny!

You are allowed to create using a variety of techniques including 2D, 3D, or stop-motion. You may also mix the techniques. 

You're also allowed to work in collaboration with another artist as it will increase your creativity and chance to win. (Both artists would receive the wining title) 

For each finalist of the contest you'll see your project in a compilation video shared on the MDC instagram , Vimeo , Youtube and Behance Team

for the 3 finalists):
Click their blue names to see the product

Physical Mographmeme-MDC award!
Travis Davids Ultimate pack 255 Tileable Displacement patterns
Chromfell upcoming new building displacement pack
ObserverDoel Hardsurface Tile Pack 1
Yuya Takeda Painted anime sky HDRI
Lifetime invitation to MDC meetups
(upcoming in London 2020 & more Tba)

for the 1st place):
- All the previous rewards
- 5
Motiondesigners repost credits on your work (beside the contest)
The French Monkey Greyscale Suite
Billelis Skull Pack 2


Ps: Changing your # list to add an image or a video made before the contest annoucement will disqualify you